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Rolex Replicas – The Best Waterproof Watches

Monday, December 1st, 2014

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The honor of the replica Rolex waterproof watches – how can we ignore the replica Rolex when taking about the waterproof property. Many friends don’t know that the world’s first waterproof watch came out of Rolex. In 1926, the first one waterproof and dustproof watch finally came out, this was the famous Rolex Oyster watch.

The first civil watch with 3900 meters of waterproof was from the swiss replica rolex. The brand new Rolex DEEPSEA diving watch is the world’s first waterproof civil watch with the waterproof depth can be up to 3900 meters. Perhaps most people in his or her life had no chance to descend to this depth, but it is after all a new record in the history of human watch making industry. Strap of this Rolex watch is also equipped with a double extension system, so that you can adjust the length of the strap at any time according to your need; this improvement makes this watch more suitable to the actual needs of professional divers. Rolex movement is famous for its precision and durability, and this rolex watch movement is using the Parachrom hairspring with high shock resistance and diamagnetic, which has obtained the authentication of the COSC.

The appreciation of the best water-proof watch – Rolex Oyster Perpetual Daydate 116613LB-97203 mechanical men watch with 300 meters of waterproof to experience the happiness of the divers; ROLEX Submariner Daydate 116613LN mechanical men watch with 300 meters of waterproof, the black water ghost super fantasy to continue the classic of Rolex.


What helps the achievement of the Rolex today’s status is a female swimmer from Britain who in 1927 Masaidis wore a Rolex Oyster watch successfully swam across the English channel with ten hours and without any damage on his Rolex watch. From then on, Rolex waterproof property began to be famous.