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Car Parking Radar

Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

parking radarNowadays, roads everywhere have become busier with more vehicles and pedestrians. As a result, driving and parking vehicles have become more risky. This is why car parking sensors have become necessary. These sensors have the power to map out the full length of your bumpers with 100% accuracy while preventing vehicles from damage, especially in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Parking sensors are, in fact, proximity sensors for vehicles which alerts drivers of any unseen obstacle when parking. This way, you can get rid of dangerous and costly collisions that are most often inevitable. These sensors can either be electromagnetic or ultrasonic. Electromagnetic parking sensors work best when vehicles move slowly toward the object that needs to be avoided. Once the obstacle has been detected, the sensor gives off a signal, which grows louder as the obstacle gets closer. These electromagnetic sensors can be mounted on the inner side of the bumper. Ultrasonic parking sensors, on the other hand, work even when a car is stationary. These sensors or radars are attached to the front and/or rear bumpers to measure distances to nearby objects al low level. These sensors come in two pairs, one pair at the front and another at the back, in order to cover all vehicle sides. Rear sensors are activated when the gear is switched to reverse and then deactivated as soon as it is changed back to neutral or any other gear while front sensors are activated by pressing a button and is automatically deactivated as soon as a vehicle exceeds a specific speed. Depending on the speed of the vehicle and its distance to the obstacle, the sensor will warn the driver about the risk of

The warning given off by sensors can either be one of these feedbacks: audible or visual. Audible feedbacks are usually made up of stage-by-stage sound alerts or various beeps of which the frequency indicates the distance of the vehicle from the obstacle. The closer the object to be avoided, the faster the beep from the sensor will be. In case the vehicle is extremely close to the obstruction, a continuous beep will be heard. Visual feedbacks, in contrast, take the form of LED or LCD readouts, which are clearly displayed, to indicate the distance before collision. LED colors used, recreating a traffic light, are green, yellow, and red for “Go”, “Slow down”, and “Stop”, respectively.

Ultrasonic car parking radar has been found to be standard equipment on modern vehicles. By measuring the time it takes for an ultrasound emission to return, these radars detect the distance between the car and an obstacle. Overall, this car parking radar increases the safety, not just of the driver, but also his passengers and the pedestrians, who happen to be around the moving vehicle.

The car parking sensor will fit any make or model of car, van, truck, or any other vehicle. And because they are attached to the vehicle’s exterior, these radars must be weather-proof to ensure resistance to rain, snow, and other extreme conditions.

Upgrade Your car with Best H4 HID Xenon Kit

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012


HID Xenon Kits for cars have grown to be more popular than ever nowadays for its Power-saving, Endurance, Safety, Cool Light Colors and Great Durability. Among their types, the H4 HID Xenon kit is a great choice for you to get some new car. H4 HID Kit includes 2 35W/55W ballasts, 2 HID XENON bulbs, 2 fixing pads and Screws and wiring’s.

There are lots of a look at the H4 HID Xenon Kit: 1). Great bulk is favorable to discharge heat. High Cost Performance resulting from it adopted import SCM. 2). Lower Start current, Less power consumption will expand battery cell lifespan. 3). Stabile Output Power strengthens Lamp Lifespan and keeps color temper coherence. 4). High Luminance, match HID randomly. 5). Key component adopted imported, high quality, long lifespan, and low defect. 6). Stabile output frequency without Hertzian waves 7). Self-developed and designed, strong purpose of the chip, build-in, open circuit protection, Short Circuit Protection, Under-Voltage Protection, Over-Voltage Protection, and Flashing Light Protection.

Different lamp is true of different auto models, the HID Xenon lamp is separated on the following types: H1, H3, H4, H7, H8, H9, H10, H11, H13, 9004, 9005, 9006, 9007, D2C/R/S, D1C/R/S, D4S. How to purchase a suitable H4 H4 HID Xenon Kit?

Before fitting your HID H4 headlight kit please browse the enclosed instructions sheet with the part number DLLOAD. This may evaluate if you must have the part DLLOAD to accomplish your installation. DLLOAD is available out of your stockist. Fitting an HID kit with a vehicle: Layout the chief harness as per Photo 1 (see reverse) to understand the components as well as style of the harness. Together with the bonnet up and also the vehicle not power on, formulate the harness across the radiator and front section of the vehicle. Adjust the position of the harness so that all the ends will reach their respective connection and mounting points further down. Do not connect or mount anything until you have checked having access to all connection points and possess study points One to ten. Disconnect the battery before you begin work. After you have read the many points and adjusted the harness to attain all components, fit the harness on the vehicle and connect and mount the constituents much like the list below.H4 HID KIT

1. Connect the red wire eyelet to either the battery positive for the alternator, starter motor or battery terminal.
2. Secure the fuse box faraway from heat and moving parts.
3. Take away the existing globes and fit the HID Globes. Refit whenever you can any rubber seals or grommets around the headlight globes.
4. Secure the ballast and igniter to the vehicle in a very location where they won?¡¥t come in contact with excessive heat and shock.
5. Connect the two-pin sealed connectors for the ballast wires.
6. Connect the black earth wires to clean up earth point or battery negative.
7. Connect the tiny black two-pin connectors to the thin red and black wires coupled to the HID globes.
8. Connect the only sockets towards the larger black and red cables linked to the HID globes.
9. Mount the relay box in a convenient location where it won’t come in contact with excessive heat and shock.
10. Plug the black socket into your easiest existing headlight socket. Other headlight socket will stay unused opposed to this of the vehicle. That is normal.
Reconnect battery and turn on your headlamps to savor the superior performance of Xray HID lighting.

H4 HID Xenon Kits are online sale more and more popular now. Our H4 HID Kits are the most effective solution in your vehicles and other applications. You can expect the best possible and brighter H4 HID Kits for the car and lightening applications. Our H4 HID Kits and HID Conversion Kit allows you to easily install H4 HID Kits, headlights bulbs on any vehicle which were not initially fitted with these. You are the purchase of a 100% Plug & Play Kit that provide the most beneficial warranty on the market today.

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